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USA Visitor Visa

A visit to USA can be made owing to an array of purposes. The place is resourceful and does have ample of scopes for students to pursue their education here. Also, business opportunities are brighter here and hence, this works as a major pull factor for the populace to apply for USA visit visas. The stark visas make sure that applicants are well informed about the purpose, the process of application, the Nitti gritties of application and petition submission also. Reasons for visiting USA must be mentioned clearly upon the application being submitted for getting granted. The reasons might be:

  • Travelling and touring the nation
  • Making a visit to a relative’s place
  • Education
  • Business
  • Service
  • Medical treatments

And so on and so forth…

Application Process And Requirements Per Se

Stark visas can easily be relied upon when it comes to non permanent migration visas as these can be done at shorter span of time. Date of entry that is arrival and date of exit that is departure must be mentioned upon the application so that the stipulated duration of stay can be estimated by the authority for granting the final approval of USA visit visa.

Persuading the authority rather getting them convinced through the application is necessary. The description must be precise, brief and informative as well. Also they must be assured about your return as well.

  • The application fee has to be paid first
  • Then comes the application submission
  • Followed by legal documents submission
  • Testimonials are also to be given
  • An updated resume is to be given
  • Certificates , educational qualification proof , identity proof are to be provided
  • Petition submission
  • Final interview round takes place

Language proficiency is a must in this case and hence, IELTS & TOEFL are important exams to be cracked well that too with good scores. Here we can see a point based, score premised evaluation.

Having The Passports Prepared Is A Must

The recent most version of the renewed passport has to be shown there. Having a passport ready is essential before application. the stark visas makes sure that you are having all the essential papers and documents ready with you before applying for a USA visit visa .

Reasons of Refusal of The USA Visit Visa Applications

  • Lack of confidence during the interview round can be a major reason of refusal
  • Also any sort of hidden facts when disclosed gives the authority a negative vibe
  • A criminal record if found , is a major set back
  • Another drawback is that of financial instability
  • Also lack of legal documents to support one’s identity proof and testimonials can lead to refusal too
  • Low score in language tests can be a hamstrung  as well

These are the know abouts of applying for USA visit visa that one must know before the application is made.




Stark visas did really help me boosting the speed of getting the Canada immigration application granted. This raised new hopes in me to fly off abroad within a few days of cracking the IELTS exams and getting the request accepted. I am glad to avail services from stark visas.

Monika Singh
Monika Singh

Getting through the language proficiency test was really tough, but Akanksha from stark visas made me realize that scoring good can be a cakewalk as well. I really thank stark visas from the bottom of my heart to help me through this important exam for migration.

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar

 Making the application and the description of the purpose of journey very clear, convincing and well spoken is important and hence, the stark visas, which really worked wonders for me, assisted me. I got good guidance and tips to make the process more authentic too.

Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma

Thank you so much to stark visas, you guys help me through out the all the process, since I was bit confused with different opinions, but you guys showed me the right pathway to work in a better manner. It was really helpful and highly recommended

Amandeep Kaur
Amandeep Kaur

The stark visas guided me through this quite well. I would especially like to mention Mr. Mayank for his excellent support and guidance all through out. I got professional assistance and help from them. I highly recommend stark visas for Canada immigration.


  Information provided by the stark visas really worked wonders and saved me as I applied for the PR visa at such a short notice. Highly recommending their services to all immigrants looking for Canada Immigration. Thank you!!

Rohit Aggarwal
Rohit Aggarwal

I was literally bored and tired of resending applications and getting them rejected every time, but stark visas came to me as a bolt from the blue. This migration organization got me through the application getting granted and the interview went well. The members are really genial enough.

Aditi Oberoi
Aditi Oberoi
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Requirements for USA Visit Visa
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