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Saskatchewan PNP without Job Offer in 2019?Apply Now

Saskatchewan PNP without Job Offer in 2019?

Canada the land of maple leaves is seeing a huge influx of migrants from all across the globe but there are some selective provinces where immigration demand remains high as always .Canadian provinces are quite popular among migrants from all across the globe to fly off and have better standards of living be it as a student or for jobs or business maybe. People are flying off for permanently getting settled there for the government amenities to be availed. The permanent citizens are given ample number of social facilities starting from free medical treatment and free schooling for primary kids and so on and so forth. There are many provinces in Canada where people are migrating from all nations be it east or the mid west such as Ontario , Nova Scotia , Quebec but Saskatchewan seems to  have a considerable amount of mass migration where people are moving for a better living . Let us look into the SINP in Demand occupation List and Saskatchewan migration details per se.

To migrate to Saskatchewan we must know about the latest occupation demand list and must know about its importance and relevance.

  • Already having an account under the federal express entry system for migrating to Canada. This SINP occupation list is to be known about for sure.
  • These in demand occupations and their sub categories can be known about

Saskatchewan PNP without Job Offer:

Immigration without a valid job offer can be a bit risky but we can still start looking for jobs and scroll through all the vacancies through the online portals. Even before we migrate to Canada we can sort and filter jobs and can apply for them as well. This becomes easier when one has considerable number of years of experience in some specific filed of profession. Experience counts in every field. To learn the easy hacks rather the tips and tricks to get selected for the provincial nominee program, one must get in touch with good immigration consultation agencies to remain updated.

Steps to be followed:

Since Saskatchewan has a high demand for working professionals, they are allowing the immigration of people from all across the globe even before they have a job in hand. They are given the time to migrate, fly off to Canada first and them settling with a job there.

  • Creation of an express entry profile is the first and foremost thing to be done as this program eases the way to fly off to Canada.
  • Age: It is a known fact that the age group 18 to 35 is considered the age for gaining brownie points especially for the express entry program. With the increase in age, the CRS possibilities start to decrease.
  • Academic qualification: It matters especially for the provincial nominee programs. Diploma and graduate certificates are supposed to be produced before the authority.
  • Working experience: this matters a lot. Be it a provincial nominee program or under the federal government, if the working experience is more, perks are gained for the CRS calculation.

But to apply for migration before getting a job offer, one must know about the areas where the vacancies are high and the in demand job sectors too. Apart from business, education and services people from all nations are actually selective about their domain of work opportunity there in Canada.

  • IT professionals are migrating there for better payments and better work place ambience as well
  • For spreading business relations and retaining international ties many nations are migrating to Canadian provinces
  • People into fine arts , applied arts , creative fields , journalism , fashion designers and bloggers are also migrating to enhance their scopes and talents in their respective fields of creativity
  • In fact people into paramedics and nursing are also finding good job scopes there in Canada
  • People into sports are migrating too

Apart from these people into culinary arts are finding better jobs there and hence, are flying off to Canadian provinces from all across the earth.

  • Apart from the express entry profile which is a larger domain, we would look into the SINP which allows us to have a closer look at the scenario of province specific job vacancies. Saskatchewan always hires a huge chunk of IT professionals and hence, through this migration program one can look into the specific areas of job demands.
  • Next comes the provincial nominee program which is under the federal government migration authority but somewhat might differ at times. Once the SINP is done they might ask for all the documents to get them verified all over again and once the candidate is selected for the PNP they can wait for the next express entry draw.

Frequency of express entry draws: 15 days

Points provided by the PNP: 600

  • This is followed by receiving the invite to apply for the Canada VISA. For this one generally gets 90 days to submit all the necessary documents. And after receiving the much awaited visa, one gets 12 months in hand to move to Canada.

After such a long process of hustle bustle, one must pack his / her bags and get going after getting the air tickets. But one thing must be kept in mind. As the candidate has applied through the SINP, the proof of funds must be carried as the authority would want to know if they can support their finances in Canada till they get a job there.

What are the ultimate benefits of the SINP in Demand occupation List?

The CRS calculator pointers are important in terms of migration pointer calculation and the basic benefit of this is that 600 points can be added to the CRS. Also to apply for the Canada PR visa is a difficult task. In this case the profile eligibility is checked thoroughly as this is about permanent residency but in this case where the SINP is considered; there the candidate gets a direct nomination to the PR express entry pool which is a bigger advantage for the people willing to migrate to Saskatchewan.

The new change in rule for accepting the application for SINP is that there will no more be the ‘first come first serve ‘system. The expression of interest has been changed. The EOI submission time has been extended and candidates can get enough of time to prepare their EOI.

  • Periodical opening for submission of profiles rather their EOI is introduced
  • The marks required for qualification would be the sole parameter to judge the submission of EOI
  • This changed protocol is being used since august 21 of 2018
  • The first nominee pool drew 466 candidates once the rules were changed

The candidate must be ready with the full application, with the required documents before the federal government and the provincial migration offices.

The SINP has lots of benefits per se. The eligibility parameters are not that hard to be satisfied here and even if we do not have a valid job offer , the Canadian provinces are welcoming enough to let us migrate there and then settle down to find a job . This immigration pathway is considered the easiest to avail. Other pull factors are the free medicals services and free education up to a certain age. The climate of the place acts as another major pull factor for the province to attract so many immigrants throughout the year. The place is sound in terms of socio – economic – political and cultural balance.

You may get in touch for more information by writing an email on or Call us on +91-844-842-0101 or directly interact though our Live Chat window and our immigration expert will get in touch with you for further clarification and assistance in order to improve your profile or point score for Canada Immigration.




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Saskatchewan PNP without Job Offers in 2019
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