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Ontario PNP Processing Time and Requirements

The Ontario Province Nominee Program is a bit different from other such migration nominee programs. The steps are quite sequential so that there is no further ambiguity. The online application process is the first step that is followed by online registration and then submission of the petition. To apply for migration to this Canadian province one must make sure that the authority is convinced enough about our visit there and the stay too. The reason of migration must be very clear to the migration authority and hence, the application rather the petition should be clear in words and lucid in language.

The estimated Ontario PNP processing time (based on the most recent applications processed) of Ontario’s Express Entry is 60-90 days. Though, the processing time differs based on validity and accurateness of individual applications and documents.

Ontario PNP Requirements:

  • You must have minimum two years of work experience, within the past five years, in their relevant occupation. Or, if you are applying for a regulated occupation in Ontario, you must have the proper registration in the province.
  • Work experience only considers if it was paid and certifiable. It can be taken in Canada or abroad. Unpaid experience does not consider. Work experience within Canada will only consider if you have proper work endorsement.
  • You must have a permanent or full-time job offer in a skilled occupation (NOC Levels 0, A, or B) from an Ontario employers. The employer must submit an application that must first be approved by Opportunities in Ontario. It must be valid till the employee’s application is accepted.
  • You must have legal status if living in Canada during application. Refugee claimants and asylum seekers are not eligible for the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program 2019.

How Do I Apply Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

If you are willing to applying to the Ontario PNP, then it is very important that you first understand the apprehensive of the application process. Though it might look difficult initially, but it is really very simple and straight.

Application and persuasion:

This is followed by the illustrative application that must be impressive enough. This shows our eagerness to migrate to that place. This also portrays the purpose of visit, duration, intention and other details.

  • One must mention if any friend, relative or family members already stays there or not. One must mention the marital status as well.

Convincing the authority:

It is sometimes easier for people to migrate if they already have spouses there or family member staying there. Reference of any relative staying there might help us to migrate there but their exact location in Ontario must be stated in detail otherwise extra ambiguity might arise. We should provide the authority with detailed information about who is staying there and our relation with them.

  • The duration of stay if specified is always better. If it is for a longer period of time, the enquiry is stronger and in detail too.
  • The purpose of visit must be firm enough, convincing too. The reason of visit is the main facet that allows us to migrate. It is of utmost importance that we persuade the authority with the petition.

Canada Immigration Eligibility And Language Proficiency Tests Are Important:

  • To apply for Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program applicant need to score minimum 400 CRS on the basis of Education, Work Experience, Age & Language Proficiency.
  • To score minimum 400 in the CRS is necessary. Also language proficiency is tested as is done for Canada immigration eligibility check. One must look into the matter of scoring well in IELTS and so on and so forth.
  • A minimum score of 4.5 is always regarded necessary when it is IELTS. Also this proves that we can cope with the languages spoken there and can also be fluent enough in the common official language that is English.
  • A few states and provinces demand a basic knowledge in the local lingual francs also.

The Stark Visas is the best immigration consultants in Delhi NCR, and will help you to prepare your language proficiency test with their latest modules and great tips and tricks.

Arranging finances and showing financial status:

To be able to bear one’s expenses is a matter of importance and hence, the person migrating should always be very transparent about the funding status, financial arrangements, capital capacity. Financial status is to be shown in the form of income papers and proof. The financial status shows that if we are able to cope with the expenses there.

  • Financial stability ensures that we are selected from the pool for migration
  • A affirm intention to reside is much preferred
  • Academic certificates must be recognized there,hence,equivalence of certificates and courses must be retained.
  • The currency must be inquired about before migration

The online application process is much easier and convenient as well, because all the fields are already mentioned there with marked compulsory fields to be answered. So, there is no chance of missing any point or overlooking any significant field.

Other details; Ontario Province Nominee Program:

The person who applied for migration is generally sent a letter of interest from the nominee program authority. Well, if the person does not receive that letter of interest, he/she should not try anymore as this might be a sign of rejection of the petition.

But one must not lose hopes as rejection of application a few times might be a part of the application process. One should keep on trying.

  • The resume must be appealing enough
  • The resume must provide the authority with sufficient set of information
  • Information + literary aesthetics must be there in the petition so that the objective of the application is clear enough and also appealing as well
  • If the person has any refugee claimant it might be a bigger hindrance in the process of application for migration as a permanent citizenship is always preferred.

Working experience with proof must be shown for better convenience on both ends. Also language proficiency here has many categories and many tests to pass. The basics are:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Tests such as, IELTS matters the most. In fact these are the basic, primary language efficiency tests that require good score.

  • Language proficiency exams are taken online hence; there is no added hassle. We can take the tests at the comfort of our home. Also, there are many places where tutorials are arranged for taking these tests such as IELTS.

Also social connections to Ontario must be mentioned. And the CRS score matters as well.

These are some of the basic points to be considered while we plan for migration and getting selected in the Ontario Province Nominee Program. Canada is a progressive nation and hence, migration from other places is always welcomed but we all need to prove our eligibility there for migrating to that place.

  • The authority is just going to look into the fact that if we are benevolent for that nation’s economy or not. One we are able to prove ourselves beneficial for their economy and culture we are one step forward for selection from the pool.
  • Also the authority looks into the matter that if we can maintain peace and harmony at that place
  • The Ontario province is basically a trade based region and hence , international ties are great , this is a major reason to migrate there and to have brighter prospects for future
  • This is the reason many aspire for setting up proprietorship business there and flourish too

The express entry program is different:
The Express Entry Program is different from the general migration program and hence, the federal skilled workers must keep an eye on the changing rules and revision of rules for the skilled federal workers to migrate. The Canada express entry program is different from the general migration principles and takes assessment exams to check Canada Immigration Eligibility of the applicant. Also the express entry aspirants are supposed to wait for the application invitation after getting their primary petitions filtered and sorted by the authority.

  • The express entry profile is different from the general application profiles and hence, must be following the CV pattern, one can consult migration experts for this or there are Stark Visas too to help us out with the steps we need to follow.
  • Remember one thing, all the steps need to be sequential enough and missing any one step such as clearing exams, language proficiency tests or the application can cost a lot .
  • The express entry pool receives an application invitation after which the persons are supposed to submit all the documents required including their age proof, academic certificates and financial proof as well.
  • Experience proof is required as this smoothness the way towards migration, more the experience more are the chances to fly off to this Canadian province.
  • Scoring above 400 in the CRS is necessary to be considered as eligible to fly off to Ontario province
  • Our will to go there and intention of staying there must be firm enough and transparent as well.
  • After receiving the letter of interest rather the application invite one must not delay the submission of documents and hence, all the papers must be kept ready before hand so that there are no dilly dallies at the end.

Migrating to a land where the political waves are different is really challenging and hence, one must be well aware of the political situation of that place. Over all Ontario province is a place where the residents are welcoming and all live in harmony and peace. Many people migrate there every year for an array of reasons hence;it is nothing new for the people there to cope with masses migrating from different countries. PGs and residential places are separate for students there as a huge number of students migrate to Canada per year for better educational scopes and better university courses as well. Direct company transfer is a common thing and hence,people from many a nation get direct express entry application invitation without any hassle when a company or organisation directly refers to that person’s migration.

These are some of the means and ways one can get information about migration to that Canadian province. after flying off to a place crossing seas and national borders is never a piece of cake and hence, getting well informed about the terms, conditions, protocols and policies is always better for surety and safety as well .

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