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Largest Express Entry draws of 2018

Canada migration is widely in vogue all across the globe and hence,the express entry for migration is targeted by all and hence, the competition is quite high. The express entry pool for migration has a specific set of protocols that is set by the federal government office. These protocols are of the national level that draws migrators towards the Canadian provinces.Also, the entry pool for migration is tough to go through as an array of processes, steps, sequences and formalities are to be gone through.

Getting the application invite is a bigger fortune and hence, people eagerly wait for the invite from the federal office for migration. Only selected people from the migration nominee pool gets selected and hence, after that they can submit the legal papers and other documents to the authority. This year the express entry pool of Canada took so many people for migration under the federal skilled worker category.This was by far the largest express entry pool which drew many people for submission of applications, petitions and documents.This year maximum number of people got the chance rather the golden opportunity of receiving the application invite for submission of the documents further.

Invitations issued:

Total 3750 application invites were dispatched by the Canadian federal government office for migration.


June 13, 2018

Things kept in mind while sending the invites for application:

Well the nominee pool might have invited maximum number of candidates this year, but they never over look the aspect of capabilities that the candidates hold for migration. The Canadian federal migration authority always looks into the scores of language tests and other evaluation exams that they conduct for assessing the skilled federal workers.

  • The most important aspect here is scoring above 451 in the comprehensive exams
  • Language exams are important
  • Federal skilled workers are supposed to take an assessment exam that is comprehensive enough to assess the capability for being selected in the express entry pool for migration to Canada

Special rule break of this draw:

This express entry draw had a special tie break rule that worked wonders for the participants there. They received the application invite in case of permanent residence migration approval, and federal skilled worker’s visas as well.

By the time that was specified the candidates needed to submit their petition rather the primary profile and the people who did that before the specific time rather date given received the application invite. The basic requirement was to score good in the CRS that is 451 or above. This score is the benchmark for application to the express entry pool migration nomination.

Everything else fails if one is not able to score good that is minimum of 451 in the CRS. The language proficiency exams are given huge importance and hence, be the petition quite persuading if one fails to score good in the CELPIP & IELTS his / her chances of getting selected are just gone.

The graph of application invite:

The graph of application invite dispatch from the migration authority side has always been increasing since the time it had been started this year. The graph just faced a major fall down with number of invites for application being just 700.

Other wise the turn ups ranged from 2750 to 3750. This is a huge leap and hence, this year the migration office gave us the opportunity of receiving the maximum number of application invites.

The increase in migration is normal and quite inevitable:

The trend followed recently in increase of applications and petitions submitted is nothing abnormal as migration craze is increasing with the passage of time.

  • Canada is becoming a popular destination to travel to and also educational factors work behind the increasing rate of migration.
  • Travelling and touring to Canadian provinces is a spurting trend that is followed and hence, small duration travel visas are high on demand
  • The express entry pool is for permanent residence or for a long duration stay and hence, this can be applied by students for university courses or higher studies or research work as well.
  • People who are aspiring to extend their international ties through professionalism are migrating to Canada owing to its great international bonds and ties with other nations
  • The multinational companies are hiring people from abroad and hence, this brain gain of Canada attracts people to migrate and apply for the express entry nominee pool
  • The skilled federal traders migrate for entrepreneurship and this is a colossal reason to migrate to Canada

This upswing of the trend has been observed and surveyed and hence, they prepared a graph too.

The target categories of the federal migration authority:

The 3 target categories of the federal migration authority are the:

  • Federal skilled workers class
  • Federal skilled traders class
  • The Canadian experienced class

These are the target groups that can fly off to Canada with the help of this express entry pool for migration to Canada.

Range of time between the draws:

The range of time between the draws generally is either 2 weeks or 3 weeks.

The CRS score bar:

The CRS score bar might get affected due to the high influx of people to migrate. This almost works like the vicious cycle of demand and supply.

  • The CRS score bar is raised when the time gap is increased. the pool gets more time to replenish and hence, the CRS score is increased, the minimum limit is increased.
  • If the time gap is lessened and if the draws are more frequent then number of people coming in are going to be lessened for sure

The time gap between each draw of the pool, the frequency of the arrangement of the pool is directly proportional to the number of people coming. This being an easy calculative aspect, this also effects upon the CRS score bar. The CRS score minimum limit is always not the same that is, it is not constant always but fluctuates with the time gap and increase or decrease in number of people entering the pool for migration.

The express entry pool made a few changes in the tie break rule and also increasing the influx of people to migrate and hence, this has affected the size of the pool of express entry and also the type of the pool of people.

Other important aspects of the express entry pool having larger draws:

  • Calculation of the CRS score is important, and we must be able to determine the score on our own.
  • The time duration rather the tenure of staying and working there has to be shown to the authority
  • If the trend of this large pool for express entry migration continues then this might be helpful in attracting people towards various provinces of Canada that is Ontario, Alberta, Nova Scotia, Manitoba and so on and so forth.

The most interested part is that the time period and the frequency of arranging the pools is flexible enough and in accordance with that the CRS score can also be adjusted. A huge influx can create a disbalance in the economy and culture of Canadian provinces and hence, the processes are step by step and sequential enough as well. The language exams are tough to be cracked and hence, this acts as a control rather a quality control mechanism on the way of huge influx of people.

  • The CRS cut off when increases the influx is automatically controlled.
  • The general slab of the CRS is 451 but it can be relaxed and is flexible at times

These large draws of migration pool are enticing enough for people to migrate. These are exciting opportunities to be grabbed by people who are interested enough to migrate and did not get a chance earlier.

The basic perk here:

The people who applied once but could not get through the processes of migration are getting great chances of reapplication and getting to submit the petition and documents again. This large entry pool draw is beneficial for people who are into the hit and trail method and trail scopes and prospects are high when the influx is huge just like this recent express entry pool migration draw arranged.

These were some of the trends that happened and are observed in the last largest express entry pool draw and if we are applying to migrate outside we must keep in check these trends that can help us out time to time.This large pool can benefit people to migrate but has risk of quality control management. The capabilities are to be checked well before a huge bunch of populace is allowed to migrate there.This large pool draw allows many participants to submit their petitions and hence, many a nation is being helped. Migrating to Canada is about benefitting the nation’s economy and hence, with thus immigration and emigration Canada is always expecting a huge brain gain. Through this draw people from different sectors can migrate such as arts,aesthetics,sports,humanities, IT professional, and creative fields as well many are migrating for social work as well.

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