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IRCC reduce Express Entry PR application deadline to 60 days

Maintaining the time, the dead line for visa application is really important to be kept in mind; hence, Stark Visas help us keeping up with the time and submit the electronic application and the petition by the given time period specified. This specified time period is for application and also for getting all the documents in place so that there is no legal hassle later on. If by any chance the time scale is surpassed no immigration authority accepts the migration application and the petitions are declined, then and there only. The IRCC has reduced the dead line for application and that is everything has to be done within 60 days. The procedure starts with application submission that too electronically as the state of the art is taking over these processes. The petition needs to be granted within this period of time.

Documents required:

Schooling certificates

Extracurricular activity certificates and achievements

  • Grade cards
  • Mark sheets
  • College and university grade sheets
  • Internships (ifany) has to be mentioned

Most necessary legal documents:

  • Identity proof is the most important stuff required and this has to be given by this stipulated time period.
  • Nationality proof is required too
  • Papers of financial status is important and has to be given by this time period so that the authority can judge based upon the capability of us to fly off to another land, they always expect a robust financial stature to cope with the migration expenses
  • Profession proof has to be given and all the necessary papers of the service or business are to be submitted

Shortening of the time has been done; shrinking it from 90 days to 60 days. All the processes need to be speedy enough, but accuracy has to be retained. This express entry is meant for only three basic streams of the federal skilled working class there. This express entry aspect has a specific ranking system and skilled federal workers applying for this has to qualify this ranking part to get selected from the pool. This express entry section is especially for a section of skilled workers who are supposed to migrate and hence, the reduction of the deadline of application duration affects an array of aspects.


The perk of IRCC reduces Express Entry PR application deadline to 60 days:

  • The basic advantage of this revision of the deadline is that people realize the importance of submission of the documents within time. Also, the perk of working under deadline pressure gets applied well.
  • In the mean time the CRS calculator allows us to look into the ratings and the scores that makes us sure about granting of the applications and gets us ready for submission of the further documents as well.
  • Making us realize that this speedy application needs to be accurate and efficient enough is another purpose of this dead line revision
  • Not waiting for the authority granting protocol and preparing the documents is another motif

People often keep on waiting for the ITA to arrive, but one must start preparing the legal and the academic documents and to have them in place before receiving the ITA is really important. Keeping on waiting for the ITA to arrive is never a wise decision.

Receiving and responding to the ITA is the main aspect. One is given 60 days of time to get everything in place for getting that upon the authority table, after receiving the ITA. Also, a person whose ITA receipt is not confirmed or is any how delayed are not supposed to wait for that to arrive, they must start preparing for the document submission.

The selection process among the pool of candidates who applied is more comprehensive and more compact when it comes to this revised deadline that is of 60 days. The work is speedy enough but not hasty.

  • To provide the authority with the contact details is really necessary as the person might get the call of granting the application any time.
  • Age proof has to be given as early as possible in this revised deadline time period
  • It is tough to get all the financial papers in place in such a short time frame, but it is necessary to keep the aspect of time in mind
  • The latest scores of the language proficiency exams are to be submitted as soon as possible and that too with good enough scores
  • This time has been shortened and this change has been announced after rationalizing the earlier protocols that prevailed

Some must dos’:

As the time period has been shortened, one must be compact; comprehensive enough and this can be done with a compact petition submission. The petition must be convincing enough and should be firm and solid to get the authority persuaded.

Stark Visas must be prepared well for the further formalities and if not so, one must decline the invitation for application as this reduction of time has been done with the sole purpose of filtering the qualified candidates and another reason is to speed up the process without any further delay and time waste. Hence, if one is not prepared enough, the application invitation is to be declined before hand without wasting much of time of the authority.

Also, submission of an application with a petition that is convincing enough is required with in that span of 60 days. This can be done even if we are not receiving the application invitation yet.

Nitti gritties of the process:

The receipt of the application invitation is the primary step and hence, is important. This application invitation is required to apply for a permanent residence in Canada. This application invitation is one of the most anticipated things especially for the people who want to fly off to Canada to migrate there permanently and to have a decent residence there.

This way migrants can fly off to Canada even with their family members as well; also, this has terms and conditions applied.

For this the latest immigration application is needed also the latest scores of languages proficiency is a must. The certificates must be updated. The recent most documents are always appreciated the scores of CELPIP &IELTS always matters.

Flying off with spouses or any other partner is allowed but application in separate is necessary. Also, this needs special permission that requires time to be granted and accepted. This drastic change in protocol that is reduction of the time from 90 days to 60 days affects this a lot as the time taken to get the application granted matters a lot.

Though getting the application invitation before this rule came to effect will not change anything for the people who received the invite before. This would remain 90 days for them.

  • Age
  • Education
  • Score
  • Finances
  • Work experience

Are the factors that matter? Also, if any federal skilled worker has any criminal record before it is hard for that person to get through the process and get selected from the pool. Having the files ready in advance is necessary as the process is speeded up and one does not get much time to prepare the certificates and other such stuff like legal documents. So, waiting for the application invitation is not the thing to be done. Stark Visas has an array of amenities to be availed to get the documents ready and also guides us about the know how’s of the process. Better to keep the entire thing sequential so that no step is missed. Stark Visas looks into the intricacies of visa application especially when it is express entry and is concerned about federal skilled workers trying to migrate and have a permanent residence there. Stark visas also have details of what is this reduction of time about and one must know about the after math of these 90 days to 60 days reduction. This reduction of time has its own pros and cons and one must abide by the rules so that the migration process is smooth enough.

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Stark visas did really help me boosting the speed of getting the Canada immigration application granted. This raised new hopes in me to fly off abroad within a few days of cracking the IELTS exams and getting the request accepted. I am glad to avail services from stark visas.

Monika Singh
Monika Singh

Getting through the language proficiency test was really tough, but Akanksha from stark visas made me realize that scoring good can be a cakewalk as well. I really thank stark visas from the bottom of my heart to help me through this important exam for migration.

Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar

 Making the application and the description of the purpose of journey very clear, convincing and well spoken is important and hence, the stark visas, which really worked wonders for me, assisted me. I got good guidance and tips to make the process more authentic too.

Shivam Sharma
Shivam Sharma

Thank you so much to stark visas, you guys help me through out the all the process, since I was bit confused with different opinions, but you guys showed me the right pathway to work in a better manner. It was really helpful and highly recommended

Amandeep Kaur
Amandeep Kaur

The stark visas guided me through this quite well. I would especially like to mention Mr. Mayank for his excellent support and guidance all through out. I got professional assistance and help from them. I highly recommend stark visas for Canada immigration.


  Information provided by the stark visas really worked wonders and saved me as I applied for the PR visa at such a short notice. Highly recommending their services to all immigrants looking for Canada Immigration. Thank you!!

Rohit Aggarwal
Rohit Aggarwal

I was literally bored and tired of resending applications and getting them rejected every time, but stark visas came to me as a bolt from the blue. This migration organization got me through the application getting granted and the interview went well. The members are really genial enough.

Aditi Oberoi
Aditi Oberoi


The stark visas are ideal for availing urgent migration services. The application gets granted fast and only the exact number of official documents is required here for the necessary legal verification. Faster application process that too hassle free is a bigger perk in this case.



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