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How to migrate to Canada from India

Dreaming of migration to Canada is a real big thing for us Indians. The nations are far too wide and are at real long distances. Crossing the seas and migrating to that land from India needs bravery, gallantry at heart and the will to stay there as well. Many Indians who did apply for migration to Canada faced refusal before, but they did never give up as this application process is somewhat like a hit and trial method.

The first step towards migration to Canada is the iron determination to fly off to that land and the next is about accessing the purpose of migration. The purposes might be varied such as:

  • Academic
  • Research
  • Trade and international ties
  • Service, employment
  • Business, proprietorship
  • Creative aspects
  • Sports
  • Permanent residence
  • Going to live with family or spouse
  • Medical treatment purpose

First step to migrate to Canada from India is research about the nation and scopes to grope for there:

The ambience of Canada is peaceful enough. People who migrate there live in communion and harmony and hence, migratory are warmly welcomed there. Canada has many provinces where people migrate to hence, the sorting and filtering of the scopes should be done on the basis of which province to go to and also the purpose like be it for education or for services and might be for business as well.

  • Canada always accepts applications on the basis of how much the nation is going to gain by people influx there. Every migration should affect the nation with profits and in a benevolent manner. Hence, we must convince the Canadian authority about our contribution towards the nation and its culture, economy.
  • The fact that people from an Asian nation are going to migrate to Canada is to be proved to the Canadian federal office and the migration authority by giving them a proper petition and a persuading application that can convince the migration officers about our migration all the way from India to Canada.

The most important thing to be considered at the very first go is that selection of the nominee program through which the person is going to migrate to Canada. Migrating to Canada is widely in vogue these days and hence, the express entry nominee pool migration and the provincial pool as well are selected by many.

  • To migrate from India, the major aspect that needs to be kept in mind is that the financial papers are to be submitted with complete transparency.
  • Based upon the financial papers the migration authority assumes that if we can afford to stay there or not
  • India being a developing economy there is always a difference between our national economic structure and hence, that is reflected upon the financial papers and income certificates we submit.

The American system of education is quite different from the Indian system of studies and hence, the certificates and the degrees might not match always. This needs validation and proper recognition of the certificates equating both the American and the Indian system of education.

To migrate from India to Canada, the important step is to clear the language tests that are CELPIP & IELTS. To score well is really important being it any nation’s migration. To migrate from India, the currency matter. Also, the Asian systems and social practices are quite different from that of Canada. If one wants to set up a business permission granting takes place in a different mechanism compared to Canada.

Educational arena:

  • Another perk is that many Indian students receive good amount of stipend amounts for educational fellowships and scholarships and hence, many Indian students are known to migrate to Canada for higher studies and research work.
  • To migrate from India, the widely migrated stream is in education and academia that is literary research and scientific development streams as well.
  • People from India migrate for research and development in the domain of artificial intelligence as well.

We need to decide first what kind of immigration program to take up in accordance with the skill level and job type:

The express entry pool has place for the skilled workers who can migrate under the federal migration program and all the protocols they follow for migration are directly controlled by the Canadian federal government.

Sponsorship at Canada:

Before migration from India we must look into the fact that if we have any relatives there who are working or residing in any province permanently. This kind of sponsorship can help a lot in migration. Also, people who are having spouses there in any place of Canada can apply for migration under sponsorship.

For business:

Investment documents are to be submitted on time. We need to show that we are prepared to set up a business there with all the money we need to invest. Any documents of loan that has to be repaid must not be given preference as the Canadian migration authority never prefers and supports loans and debts that are unpaid before the person migrates.

Other intricacies of migration from India:

A skilled worker from India can easily get the migration visas from the authority through the express entry pool that helps in migration of federal skilled workers.

In this case for business persons the federal skilled trader’s pool comes to help us.

Generally, people migrating from India, migrate there either for a long period of time or for permanent settlement as India is far away from Canada. To get through the permanent settlement processes the person must get through the language exams and the express entry assessments as well.

People migrating from India can have advantageous positions in the selection pool, when they have relatives or friends or family members staying there. We can also contact a lawyer who is staying outside. This helps us in getting through the legal issues rather the legal formalities of the migration process. Migration from India is all about a changing environment and also changing currency. The Asian societal currents are completely different from that of the American social structure.

To migrate from India, people must think about the financial capacity as Asian currency and American currency flow is different on major terms. The basic aspect that Asian nations are quite competitive and hence, there are many people who want to migrate there and fly off to Canada. But keeping in mind the competition faced from Asian nations, one should be well prepared for getting selected from the pool.

  • Previous records matter in terms of education or profession
  • Work experience matters a lot when it is express entry pool migration process for federal skilled workers
  • Money arranged for investment matters in case of business and also when it is express entry pool for federal skilled traders.
  • Asian language system and spellings are quite different from the USA style of grammar and hence, a lot of patience, practice is required to get through the globally accepted way of language proficiency test that is the CELPIP &IELTS.
  • Migration from India requires a robust will power to stay there and survive also if one is interested enough in making goof international relations then migrating to Canada is apt for him / her

These are some of the important aspects to be kept in mind while we think about migration to Canada from India. Also, we need to keep in mind that competition is tough inside the selection pool where there are hundreds and thousands of applications from Asia. We Indians while applying for migration to Canada must keep in mind the economic condition of America and the political status of the place as well. We must keep in mind that the documents must be reviewed and of the updated version as well. Also, the passport must be of the updated version. These tips ensure that we are having a safe and smooth migration all the way from India to Canada.

  • An iron determination to migrate to Canada is a must for migrating to Canada.
  • If we are submitting the application then refusal chances are there and hence, keeping in mind the way of hit and trial we must not loose hopes and keep on trying as once the submitted application is refused we can try another time.
  • The migration pool which takes people from Canada is strict enough and hence, people must try more than once that too with a convincing petition and good scores.
  • Language proficiency is a must and hence, the CLB and the IELTS scores are to be equated.

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