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How to Get Job offer in Canada from UAE 2019?Apply Now

How to Get Job offer in Canada from UAE 2019?

The United Arab Emirates, one of the richest nations all across the globe known for its natural resources as hidden treasures. But, people from the Middle East too are exploring the world especially the west to grab better opportunities. Some reasons to migrate to Canada from the Middle East can be listed as:

  • The Middle East is known to have restrictions for the feminine gender in general and hence, many wealthy families want their female kids to fly off to the west and complete their education for better careers.
  • There is no doubt that just like UAE there are other Middle Eastern nations which are quite rich and hence, affordability of finances is generally not a hurdle for them unlike any other Asian nation.
  • The UAE has immense scopes for business and tourism but when it comes to settling for services or maybe for higher education, they always consider western nations to be the best.

Reasons to choose Canada over any other nation for migration:

To migrate to any of the Canadian provinces is like a dream come true to many. The Canadian provinces are having ample number of scopes and opportunities for people migrating from all across the globe. The land of maple leaves has least number of crime rates recorded in the world. People generally feel safe to migrate there as the social harmony is retained. The citizens welcome the migrants quite warmly and hence, the social peace is maintained.

Not only that , Canada has a huge demand for people in the sectors like, IT, culinary, fashion, designing, sports, educational research, and journalism and so on and so forth. We just need to sort and filter the scope and grab it the right way.

What is the process of applying for a Permanent Residency (PR) status in Canada from UAE?

The basic steps rather requirements are common:

  • To consult a good migration consultancy is a must. They must be reputed and should help the aspiring candidates with latest news.
  • The next step is to undertake the IELTS and the TOEFL exams for checking the language eligibility. To score good in these exams is a must.
  • Creating a strong candidate profile to showcase the application, convincing the migration authority is a must. The reason for migration has to be articulated clearly and a strong determination has to be shown.
  • Submission of testimonials is a must after this. The educational qualification , income certificate , working experience , character certificate , past records and so on and so forth are submitted
  • Proof of funds must be kept ready in hand so that it can produced when ever needed
  • In fact just after this the police verification takes place along with regular health checkups for migration
  • The visa application is filled after this
  • The final step is to be ready for flying off to the land of maple leaves.

It is generally easier for students to get through the exams, VISA application hurdles but when it comes to permanent settlement visa; it is hard to please the migration authority. The time required to get the visa application processed varies depending upon the migration program we are choosing

  • Age: It is a known fact that the age group 18 to 35 is considered the age for gaining brownie points especially for the express entry program. With the increase in age, the CRS possibilities start to decrease.
  • Academic qualification: It matters especially for the provincial nominee programs. Diploma and graduate certificates are supposed to be produced before the authority.
  • Working experience: this matters a lot. Be it a provincial nominee program or under the federal government, if the working experience is more, perks are gained for the CRS calculation.

The language proficiency exams matter a lot. The reading, writing, speaking, listening tests matter when it comes to calculation of points for immigration. A good hold over language is a mandate. In fact knowledge in the local language has its own pros in case of a provincial nominee program. Relatives staying over in that land can have major perks in consideration of the application.

Work Opportunities in Canada for a UAE Citizen

Canada has become a hotspot for migration and hence, UAE is facing a huge brain drain towards this massive brain gain in Canada. Many UAE citizens are flying off to Canada to get better job opportunities and for better educational aspects as well. Students are flying off to avail higher education and Canadian universities are providing students with huge lucrative scholarships so that research fellows can join such educational circuits for good. Also, many MNCs are hiring people from UAE for better international ties. In fact many are actually migrating to Canadian provinces for settling there and availing that sophisticated life style. People are migration for setting up their own proprietorship business.

Job in Canada for UAE citizens:

Apart from business, education and services people are actually selective about their domain of work opportunity there in Canada.

  • IT professionals are migrating there for better payments and better work place ambience as well
  • For spreading business relations and retaining international ties they are migrating to Canadian provinces
  • People into fine arts , applied arts , creative fields , journalism , fashion designers and bloggers are also migrating to enhance their scopes and talents in their respective fields of creativity
  • In fact people into paramedics and nursing are also finding good job scopes there in Canada
  • People into sports are migrating too

Apart from these people into culinary arts are finding better jobs there and hence, are flying off to Canadian provinces from UAE.

How to find a Job in Canada from UAE?

The federal skilled program is the option to opt for as that is a sub category under the express entry program. According to the CRS point system the criteria is quite high here. Generally a candidate requires having 67 points. To choose a good immigration consultation agency is of utmost importance.

Since the pen and paper era has gone we depend upon the internet a lot and hence, the online application for migration works best and is convenient for people to apply for Canada immigration from UAE. This gives us a scope to scroll through all the job scopes even before we migrate to Canada. But better if we already have an appointment letter in hand.

It is also important to get a good job offer and hence, socialising on social media platform are becoming quite on fleek. Professional social media platforms such as LinkedIn and are good ways to get in touch with people from all across the globe to discuss professional stuff. Also we must make a list of our expertise and the demand for specific professions in the job market. In fact many people from UAE are accumulating money to invest in some business in the west. They are going for college education too and then opting for higher studies.

Ontario is the province in Canada which is always recruiting people for the IT sector industries and hence , we must keep regular updates as to what job suits us the best and must be woke enough .

You may get in touch for more information by writing an email on or Call us on +91-844-842-0101 or directly interact though our Live Chat window and our immigration expert will get in touch with you for further clarification and assistance in order to improve your profile or point score for Canada Immigration.




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Monika Singh

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Ravi Kumar

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Shivam Sharma

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Amandeep Kaur

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Rohit Aggarwal

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