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How to Calculate IELTS Score For Immigration to Canada?

Language proficiency is the main hurdle that is crossed by people who want to migrate to Canada. Canada has many provinces where people want to migrate but at times the language fluency is the basic hindrance hence that might have possible impediments on the way of communication. The language proficiency exams taken by the migrants are the CELPIP &IELTS.

These can be taken as many times we want and that too from the comfort of our homes. These language testing exams are taken online, and many courses are conducted to train us for taking these exams. The language fluency tests are definitely tough but once if cleared well the way towards migration becomes really easy.

  • These language exams are important and form the base of migration to any province in Canada. There are many provinces in Canada which require the local languages to be known so that the people migrating there face no hassle regarding smooth communication with the local common masses. Some Canadian provinces require the language French to be known, but just the basics only.
  • Many other nations in Asia too require the person migrating to know the local languages such as Germany and Japan. Germany requires the people to know the language and Japan needs the people to know the basics of ‘Kana’and ‘Kanji’dialects.

The case is not the same for all the nations and all the provinces, but Canada strictly looks into the language exams that are CELPIP &IELTS.

There are special techniques to calculate the language exam scores based upon the genre or the credit points as well. The different slabs of calculation of IELTS score somewhat goes like this:

In this point-based system of immigration to Canada the language exam is main.

The 4 slabs:

  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening

This is the globally recognized exams for fluency in English that Canada considers the base of communication smoothness for all its provinces.

The Canadian language benchmark:

The score in the IELTS is not enough for migration to Canada. The nation has its own ranking system that is the CLB.

The CLB decreases from 10 to 4 with the changes in listening, reading, speaking and writing proficiency of the candidates.

  • reading decreases from 8 to 3.5
  • writing decreases from 7.5 to 4
  • listening decreases from 8.5 to 4.5
  • speaking ranges from 7.5 to 4
  • when the CLB band level is 7 all the criteria bench marks get constant at the number 6

Difference in immigration program requires different bench marks in language scores:

The IELTS score requirement is different in case of the express entry pol migration program for professionals and is different in case of the provincial migration issues that is in case of PNP. Different provinces have different requirements for language fluency.

  • The basic CLB for express entry migration pool for federal skilledworkers is 7 but it differs in case of all other provinces which are province specific
  • The general bench mark is CLB 7
  • When one wants to migrate to the Ontario province the person requires CLB 7
  • CLB 4 for OID and CLB 7 for express entry system are required when one wants to travel to the Saskatchewan province of Canada. Here we can measure the difference between the provincial level assessment and the express entry federal level assessment
  • For Nova Scotia migration people need CLB 7
  • For semi-skilled and low skilled occupations, the people need CLB 4 to migrate to the Manitoba province of Canada.this province looks into the categories of occupation and working there.

(The IELTS score is converted to CLB band score for evaluation when it comes to migration to Canada)

We can contact The Stark Visas for any further help in case we are in need of a clear set of information about the scores one can contact immigration experts and migration consultants so that there is no ambiguity at the end of the day.

If we are applying for a permanent resident’s card, we must clear the exams like CELPIP &IELTS these are the general exams to be cracked that too with flying hues so that we are considered eligibly to apply for migration. This is basically needed to prove to the authority that we are able to cope with the communication system changes and also are fluent in the world wide official language that is English.

The IELTS score is converted into the CLB that has a specific value for evaluation and conversion. The band scores are equated in terms of reading, writing, speaking and listening. This 4-tier step is a process to smoothen the communication skills.

The total exam time:

The total exam time is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The 2 different sectors of this exam:

  • General Training
  • Academic purpose

The portions of reading and writing differs when it comes to the selection of educational purpose rather academic motif or general training. The subject maters of these 2 tiers change in accordance with the purpose to be served. The remaining is the same that is listening and speaking.

  • The speaking portion can have breaks and can be completed within a week of time
  • The rest of the portions such as reading,writing, listening has no breaks and can be done at a stretch

The express entry pool has different sections for which the CLB slabs are different.

  • The federal skilled workers program has different requirements
  • The federal skilled traders program has separate needs
  • And the experienced class migration also has separate requirements

The overall score we need:

The over all score we need in the IELTS to migrate to Canada is 6.5

The minimum score in each section:

The minimum score in each category we need is 6

The NOC experienced class migration:

For the NOC the CLB ranges from 10 to 5 with the varying changes in the 4 categories

  • listening ranges from 9-5 in this case,
  • reading ranges from 9-4,
  • writing ranges from 9-5,
  • speaking ranges from 9-5

When it comes to experience class migration under the NOC

The federal skilled traders program:

  • The CLB ranges from 10 to 4.
  • Listening ranges from 9 to 4.5
  • Reading ranges from 9 to 3.5
  • Writing ranges from 9 to 4
  • Speaking ranges from 9 to 4

When it comes to the express entry migration nomination for the federal skilled traders

(The maximum points can range up to 24 and not more than that.)

The federal skilled worker program:

  • the CLB ranges from 10 to 7
  • speaking CLB ranges from 9 to 6
  • the listening CLB ranges from 9-7
  • the reading CLB ranges from 9-6
  • the writing CLB ranges from 9-6
  • points per ability ranges from 6 to 4

Tips to succeed in these 4 tiers of language exams:

  • The listening test is conducted generally for about 30 minutes. This contains dialogues, general conversation and monologues as well. To listen to the recordings very carefully is always suggested.
  • The writing portion varies when the topic changes, but the time duration remains the same. Time given for the writing portion is always 60 minutes, extreme speed and accuracy is required in this case.
  • The writing has 2 portions namely the general training test and the academic test, the academic tests can be a bit literature based where creativity is required but the general training is all about clarity and point based sequential writing. Clear description is required for general writing exams where as being an illustrative and giving a conclusion to the written part can be done when it comes to academic writing exams
  • The speaking is a question answer portion where there is a listening part at the inception and that is for about 1 to 14 minutes
  • Speaking out loud, being clear and coherent is always suggested, practicing English speaking is to be done for practice
  • In the speaking test there is no absolute right or wrong and hence, we need to express ourselves the way we want, the most apt way to convey ourselves is going to be scored well in this test
  • The reading portion is 60 minutes long and has questions that require skills to be answered
  • Quick learning skills and quickness of catching the conversational questions is important in this test taken
  • Articles, blogs, newspaper and magazines are given to be read and hence, general knowledge along with information in the current affairs pays off well.

The language exams must be taken carefully other wise it can cause a colossal hindrance on the way of migration selection from the pool. The IELTS & CLB scores, slabs and ratings must be looked into and equated well.This is all about the basic knowledge in the domain of language proficiency exam that needs to be taken. The IELTS score is considered the globally accepted form of language proficiency exam that is accepted by almost all the nations across the globe. Hence, Canada is not an exception, considering the differences with the CLB the provincial slabs and scores are to be checked well.

You may get in touch for more information by writing an email on or Call us on +91-844-842-0101 or directly interact though our Live Chat window and our immigration expert will get in touch with you for further clarification and assistance in order to improve your profile or point score for Canada Immigration




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