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Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) is the most standard immigration stream in the complete Express Entry program. It is solely designed for working professionals whose occupation is in-demand in any or all of Canada and many provinces. Applicants are evaluated across a range of criteria for their abilities and potential. Skill and professional expertise as well as experience are the primary concerns of the FSWP.

Please do not confuse, the selection criteria under the FSW with point system under Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) – Express Entry points Criteria.

Total marks are 100 and current pass-mark is 67 points.

Out of the 28 points, one can claim up-to 24 points under IELTS and remaining 4 points under French Language factor. This is a situation where the applicant is filing the application with English as the first language. Applicants with high level of English language proficiency can claim all the 24 points.

    • An applicant must score a minimum proficiency in each of the four language skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing – Canadian Language Benchmark 7 (CLB 7) level for English in order to qualify for the Federal Skilled Worker Class(FSWC) program.
    • CLB 7 is equivalent to scoring 6 bands in each module on the IELTS GENERAL pattern examination.
    • For the French language requirement, NCLC 7 is equivalent to scoring 309, 248, 206 and 309 on the speaking, listening, reading and writing modules of the Test d'evaluation de francais (TEF), respectively.
    • 4 points are awarded for each of the four language abilities, meaning that all candidates that meet the mandatory minimums on all language abilities will have at least 16 points.
    • Applicants will be awarded one extra point for each language ability for which they score CLB 8 or NCLC 8 and two extra points if they score CLB 9 or NCLC 9 (for a maximum of 24 points under English language factor).
    • The IELTS equivalent to CLB 8 is 7.5, 6.5, 6.5 and 6.5 on Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The TEF equivalent to NCLC 8 is 349, 280, 233, and 349 on Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, respectively. Getting these scores will mean that 5 points are awarded for each of the four language abilities, meaning that all candidates that meet these criteria can claim a maximum of 20 points.
    • The IELTS equivalent to CLB 9 is 7.5, 6.5, 6.5, and 6.5 on Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. The TEF equivalent to NCLC 9 is 349, 280, 233, and 349 on Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, respectively. This means that to claim 24 points under the English language factor, the applicant MUST claim AT LEAST 8.0, 7.0, 7.0, and 7.0 on Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, respectively. 6 points are awarded for each of the four language abilities, meaning that all candidates that meet these criteria can claim a maximum of 24 points.
      Age18 – 3512 points
      3611 points
      3710 points
      3809 points
      3908 points
      4106 points
      4205 points
      4304 points
      4403 points
      4502 points
      4601 points
      47 & Above00 points
      English languageIELTS: –

      Bands-6666 to 7=CLB7
      Points-4444=16 Points
      Points-5555=20 Points
      Bands-7 – 7.5778=CLB9
      Points-6666=24 Points
      Bands-8 – 97.5-97.5 – 98.5 – 9=CLB10
      Points-6666=24 Points
      25 Points
      Master degree23 Points
      Double Bachelor22 Points
       Bachelor degree21 Points
      Diploma 3 Years after Higher Secondary19 points
      Diploma 3 Years after 10th (High School)15 Points
       High School05 Points
      Work Experience1 Year09 Points
       2 – 3 Years11 Points
       4 – 5 Years13 Points
       6 & Above15 Points

      Arranged employment (Maximum 10 points)

      Arranged EmploymentPoints
      You have a permanent job offer from a Canadian employer, approved by the HRSDC10 points
      You have a permanent job offer from a Canadian employer, without the necessity of HRSDC approval, if you are employed in Canada by the same employer10 points

      Additional Points If you are immigrating with your spouse, then your application can get extra points if your spouse scores above CLB 4. You will receive 5 additional adaptability points as a principle applicant. 

      Relative in Canada 18 years or over (parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, child of a parent, sibling, child of a grandparent, aunt or uncle, or grandchild of a parent, niece or nephew) who is residing in Canada and is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.5
      Accompanying spouse/partner’s official language (CLB/NCLC 4)5
      Principal Applicant Previous Work in Canada (min. 1 Yr at NOC 0, A, B)10
      Accompanying Spouse/Partner Previous Work in Canada5
      Principal Applicant Previous Study in Canada5
      Accompanying Spouse/Partner Previous Study in Canada5
      Arranged Employment5

      Who are eligible for this visa?

    • If you have worked full time for at least one year in the applying occupation in the past ten years skill O, A and B and if that is in demand in occupation list permitted by the Canada government and approved by labor market impact assessment or if you have a job offer from the Canada or an international graduate who has enrolled herself/himself in the PHD program in Canada, and get the minimum IELTS score (CLB7)

You can also score additional points by giving TEF Or if having qualification done from Canada.

These occupations are below:

    • Skilled Level O (Management Occupation)
    • Skilled Level A (Professional Occupation)
    • Skilled Level B (Technical Occupation & Skilled Trades)

Benefits after Visa approval

    • You can live and work in Canada permanently.
    • You can sponsor your family to become Permanent Resident.

You can apply for Canadian Citizenship after completing 1095 days.

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