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Difference Between Canada Express Entry And PNP

The express entry for federal skilled workers is a different path way from the PNP. The time taken to get the application accepted and the petition granted is different. These 2 are having different time durations to get completed. Also, the motifs of these 2 processes are different. This express entry pool selects people from the bunch of candidates who applied for employment outside their nation and are categorized under the skilled Federal workers category.

The basic differences are in:

  • The motif of application
  • The duration for getting the petition granted
  • The duration of acceptance of the application
  • Intricacies of the process

In case of the express entry pool people are selected by the criteria that have been set by the federal government, but this is not the case in the PNP selection. A nation has some individual provincial needs and criteria and hence, the PNP selects the candidates based upon the needs and protocols of specific provinces. No centralized federal rule works here. Separate provinces can set different rules for people to migrate there. This might include knowledge in the local dialect. In some cases of PNP the local dialect has to be known so that the person can cope with the local culture and have communication skills there.

This PNP is more specific compared to the generalized express entry pool.

Ease of migration:

  • In comparison the express entry pool is tougher to survive and comparatively tough to pass. The rules are a bit rigid, being it a generalized platform for people from various genres to apply here.
  • The PNP has flexible rules and hence, to crack this is a bit easier than the express entry program.
  • The PNP is the collective set of protocols that all the provinces form together and hence, there are less barriers in terms of many a rule

Language proficiency:

The language proficiency exams are to be taken for both the express entry pool program and the PNP, but the hurdles are more in this case in the express entry pool. The provincial PNP does not make any hassle regarding the language exams, it’s just that the exams are to be passed and cracked with good enough scores.

For the express entry pool, the CELPIP &IELTS are to be cracked with a minimum score of 4.5 that is considered eligible for application. The language exams are given too much importance in the case of express entry pool and communication skills ate tested quite rigidly in that case.

The express entry pool is for the federal government and by the federal government and hence, all the rules are formulated by the centralized federal skilled workers organization. The provincial visas organization program does have more lucid rules in terms of checking the language skills.

Professional experience rather work experience demands are different:

For the PNP work experience definitely matters but it matters more in case of the express entry pool. The express entry pool is for professional people to be hired and hence, if experience is gathered that is always pays off well while the selection is going on. The more number of years is the working experience, more is the chance of getting selected from the pool.

The PNP also looks into the matter of work experience, internships and so on and so forth but not that rigidly like the express entry program.

Permanent residence:

  • The express entry program has more chances of getting the person with a permanent resident’s card
  • Compared to the express entry pool migration process the PNP has lesser chances of getting the person with a permanent resident’s card
  • If we pass and get through the PNP that does not mean we can become permanent residents of that province, the PNP gives us with temporary resident’s card and a temporary settlement permit

For permanent residence under the PNP the person still has to apply for the permanence of residence to the federal government and once that gets approved by the higher authority (federal government) the person is eligible to stay there permanently.

The steps are:

  • Application to the particular province
  • Getting the petition granted by the provincial office
  • Moving from the localized office to the higher authority
  • Application to be submitted to the federal government office
  • Getting the application accepted by the federal office after showing them the provincial approval application
  • Once the application is granted by the federal government, the person is allowed to settle there in the province permanently

The federal government always takes the upper hand whenever it comes to making any important decision. The provincial offices and protocols still remain under the express entry protocols as that is directly governed by the federal offices.

Extent of these migration programs:

  • The express entry is a more generalized and is a huge platform
  • The PNP is more of a localized platform to apply for migration visas

The Stark Visas can help us and guide us clearly with the difference between this express entry pool and the PNP also, there are basic differences between these 2 and application processes are also different. The Stark Visas helps us through the difference in process that we must know about while we apply for migration visas under the express entry pool and the PNP.


Educational qualification is important to be submitted in both the cases of express entry pool and the provincial selection for migration but when it comes to professional experience, vocational working experience, the express entry pool requires more of it compared to the PNP.

Processing of the application:

  • Processing times of the different sorts of applications take time; the processing time taken for the application in the PNP category is minimum 4 months.
  • In case of express entry pool, the candidates receive an application invite after the primary application is submitted.
  • After the application invite is received from the federal office, the candidates are supposed to submit the documents asked for along with the petition too
  • The PNP needs some additional time to get the application finally approved that is around 12 months.
  • Time taken by PNP for final approval is more than that of the express entry pool for the federal skilled workers

The application approval needs an upper hand of the federal office in case of the PNP. The PNP sends the applications to the federal offices after getting those approved from the provinces. This requires some time that ranges around 12 months. The PNP is a bit time consuming.

If we are confused regarding which category to undertake, we might consult migration consultants and migration experts as they are knowledgeable enough about the time durations and other intricate differences between these 2.

  • Professional experience is required more in case of the express entry pool.
  • But more time is required when it comes to the PNP to get the application and the petition approved

The basic point of distinction between the express entry pool and the PNP is that, federal government is the upper hand here and the provincial offices for migration cannot work independently without the help and permission of the federal government migration office.

  • The federal office of the government of the nation runs the protocols of express entry pool for migration
  • The PNP is run by the local migration protocols that is completely province based
  • The express entry is independent of the PNP
  • The PNP depends upon the express entry rules that is the PNP works under the federal rules of the nation

We get a time period of 60 days after we receive the letter of invite rather the application invites from the federal office and within this time we must submit all the necessary documents. The processing sped is more in case of the express entry pool for migration when compared to the provincial one.

The provincial rules need permission from the federal government and hence, it takes more time (many months) to get approved and accepted as well.

The CRS score matters:

If the CRS score is good enough, we can get the application invite directly from the federal migration nomination pool and then we can select the province we want to migrate to. The CRS score is important for both the express entry pool and the PNP but when the score is good enough, the federal offices of the nation gives more importance to the candidate and sends away the application invite directly.

  • When the CRS score is good enough people consider the express entry pool preferable
  • When the CRS score is average people prefer the provincial migration process that is the PNP

These are some of the points of difference between the express entry pool and the PNP. These points ought to be considered based upon our requirements or the job / educational profile as well. These are clearly based upon the nation’s benefit in hiring us or providing us with education so that their economy and society is benefitted by the people who are migrating there.

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