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Canada Express Entry CRS Points Calculator

For moving to Canada we always do have an array of reasons be it educational or be it for higher studies, research work, trading and expanding international ties, business and service employment. We all know about the general visa application process but for express entry migration applications there are in general 2 divisions such as:

  • The express entry for skilled federal workers
  • The Express entry for skilled federal traders

The evaluation takes place upon an array of exams and assessments among which the PR point system is to be known about. In the general assessment programme, the basic bench mark for getting selected and being eligible for application is 67 points. After scoring this only one can be called eligible for application for the express entry skilled workers and traders programme.

The laws are basically a bit stricter compared to many other nations as Canada is becoming quite popular with the passage of time as a place where people can migrate and find better scopes for future . The rules and laws are stricter so that tight security can be ensured there and hassle free movement as well. A bunch of people wants to migrate to Canada for job,education,business, permanent settlement and so on and so forth. This is the reason for making the laws staunch and rigid. To ensure discipline, safety and security one must look into the eligibility tests that are conducted to filter the applications that are submitted. A huge number of applications are submitted every year and hence, to allow all to migrate is never possible.A sharp filtering takes place while the selection process goes on.

The PR point system that prevails:
The NOC classification list:

  • This is having 3 categories namely O , A , B and here the candidate must show work experience of minimum a year to get qualified
  • Work experience in every field matter a lot and helps us increase our chances of getting selected from the pool of candidates but when it is minimum of a year of experience from any category of the NOC, it works better in Canada immigration.

Language exams are a must to be qualified that too with good scores:
To pass the language proficiency tests with flying colors is most important as Canada looks into our ability of coping with the local lingua franca and also our ability in fluent English that is the worldwide common means of communication.

  • IELTS & CELPIP need good scores
  • The recent most scores of these language tests are always fruitful as these exams can be taken more than once and that too at the comfort of our house
  • One needs to pass all the steps of the language exams such as listening , reading , writing and speaking as well
  • Scoring a minimum of 7 in each of these streams is really important if we want to get selected from the pool of candidate’s. Also, this proves that communication skills are good enough and the person can cope with the new culture, the new ambience and the new languages spoken in Canada.
  • French is given a bit more importance in Canada and hence , people might get offers for fellowship , stipend and scholarship when he / she is pursuing studies or research in French language or are pursuing research in French as well .

Educational certificates matter a lot for migration:
Be it a graduate or a post graduate degree submission of that certificate while all the migration papers are being given is a must. Also, it is better to migrate there after one has graduated already, like for master’s degree or something like that. People also migrate for diplomas there.

  • If one is migrating for research and higher study the abstract has to be given in brief so that the authority is convinced enough about the prior research that the person has done upon the topic and can carry forward his / her work after migration also.
  • Argument,proposal, body and conclusion of the research paper are supposed to be in proper alignment so that the migration authority is persuaded enough to allow us for getting research stipend, fellowship and then scholarship as higher studies and research are quite expensive in any part of the world.
  • Migration for education purpose is better after graduation that is migrating for minimum masters are considered better and convenient as well.

The PR point system is a different sort of evaluation system especially for skilled workers and federal workers who are ought to appear for assessment exams after submission of the application and the documents.
Credit points decrease with the increase in age. This is exponential and proportionately decreases with the increasing age of the person. It starts with 12 credit points for a person whose age is between 18-35, it decreases at the rate of 1 credit point up to the age of 46. There is no credit point for people who are above the age of 46-47.

The language score is considered very important especially the score of IELTS is evaluated in accordance with bands and the score slabs that increase and decrease in proportion. TheCLB7 up to CLB `10 are having different score slabs that are fixed. It ranges from 16 to 24 points in general.

Collection of credit points on the basis of work experience and educational qualification also matters. The more the credit points the more is the person on the advantageous position for getting selected from the pool of migrants also the person is given preference.

Credit points on the basis of educational qualification and academic certificates:

  • A person who has the degree of PhD gets 24 credit points.
  • A person who has the degree of masters gets 23 credit points.
  • A person who has the degree of double bachelor gets 22 credit points.
  • A person who has the degree of bachelor gets 21 credit points.
  • A person who has the degree of diploma after 10 + 2 gets 19 credit points.
  • A person who has the degree of diploma after 10 the gets 15 credit points.
  • A person who has the degree of high school gets 05 credit points.

In accordance with work experience as well credit points increase:

  • When a person has a year of working experience the credit point is 09.
  • when a person has 2-3 years of working experience the credit point is 11
  • when a person has 4-5 years of working experience the credit point is 13
  • when a person has 6 years or more than that of working experience the credit point is 15

When we are having relatives, family members or spouses there we can also gain credit points for that:

  • for spouses residing there we can gain 05 credit points
  • for family members with blood relation residing there we get 05 credit points

Proof reading the profile before the CV is sent to the authority is a must as an experienced and expert migration consultant can help in that. Any mistake in the resume can cost huge. Also Stark Visas has an array of information regarding how to increase our chances for getting selected from the pool of candidates. The stark visas can help us out with the steps to be followed to apply for migration and to succeed as well. We are also supposed to know about the tricks to gain credit points as that can also help in increasing our chances of getting selected from the pool.

This PR system of credit points is beneficial but not the ultimate parameter of selection when it comes to migration to Canada. The person’s willingness and ability is always tested before he / she is selected from the pool. Only the application is not enough for a person to get selected. The face to face interview is the toughest round to be cleared there. But this earning of PR credit points based upon an array of parameters such as educational certificates, relatives living abroad, work experience and so on can be really fruitful. These were some of the aspects that are to be known while we plan to migrate to Canada. Also, this PR point collection needs to be kept in mind. This system of credit point counting adds the facet of competition and keeps in count the eligibility factor as well.

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