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British Columbia PNP Processing Time and Requirements

Any kind of migration programme is to be enquired about in detail. To know about all the pros and cons is of utmost importance. On our part, we must do our home works and respective research too. Well, coming to application for migration in the British Columbia Province Nominee Program, preparation is a big factor to be considered. Points can be discussed regarding the matters of preparation and the sequence of preparation as well.

  • Firstly, we can talk about making a prior trip to the nation before settling there for occupational purposes or permanent residency and for entrepreneurship as well.
  • To explore the societal currents and the conditions of any specific domain needed, one must go for an exploratory visit there. This might effect upon our decision of permanent settlement or migration per se.

To enter into the pool of applicants one must score well in the eligibility tests. The score ultimately enhances our chances of getting the petition approved by the authority. The highest score that can be obtained is 200 and hence, maximum should always be the target.

Also the petition and the registration ought to be similar and explanatory enough. Any discrepancy in this case becomes major hindrance on the trajectory of getting selected from the pool in the British Columbia Province Nominee Program.

Experience counts in every field:

Experience mostly matters when it is about occupational visit or settlement. A minimum of 1 year experience is needed to show for making the chances of getting selected robust. Business experience , work experience etc can be showed when it comes to migration for setting up proprietorship there , any other form of entrepreneurship or might be hiring workers from any other place .

  • Experience matters in academic field and in professional domain as well
  • If it is service then the number of years we have worked under any company matters a lot
  • If it is business then the experience in handling business or having a proprietorship is also counted
  • If one is migrating for academic reasons such as higher education and so on, certificates and the years of studying matters, also if the person has any experience in teaching or in research work is investigated as well.
  • Employees who are called from far lands are basically company workers and this helps in brain gain of the nation. This kind of migration is always considered as beneficial and is given preference as well.

The people with whom we are migrating matters. If we migrate with spouses,parents,and professional partners and so on and so forth, this affects the chance of selection a lot. This matter has to be explicable. Obtaining points based upon adaptability, job and other stuff is essential. To convince the authority with good scores is what we expect to get selected.

  • Skill category
  • Health check ups
  • Educational score

Are matters to be checked by the respective authority .also, graduate and post graduate degrees, motif of business there are matters to be explicable enough to the authority.

Personal investment matters when it comes to migration for business. This financial account has to be kept well and should be properly explicable to the authority too. To make the application process hassle free, a professional migration consultant can be sought for. Also the British Columbia Province Nominee Program looks into the ITA, approval of petition, the number of days the petition took to get selected and approved etc. One might face rejections but should keep on trying for getting the application granted by the authority. To register for the programme one must look into the flexibility of the programme protocols and consider the rigidity too on the other hand.

Categories of selection and visas:

  • If we are considering a permanent visa application then the process is different and firm reasons are to be shown for the migration.
  • If for a few days then the exact duration is always asked for , if any scope for relaxation of duration is any how expected then people must be well prepared for that application as well .
  • If the visas application petition is for skilled workers and for express entry federal skilled workers then one must wait for the application invitation to arrive so that the legal papers and documents can be submitted on time. But this is only after the application is given first.

Migration to this land is specifically a bit stricter than many other places and hence, security checks are more staunch and rigid. The age limit matters and the eligibility criteria need to be matched well. The rules cannot possibly be relaxed for any reason. ;

Reasons to migrate there and the will to get selected in the nominee programme:

  • Educational prospects are always better
  • It is a developed country in terms of economy
  • The living standards are better
  • Life is sophisticated and disciplined there
  • Politically , culturally and economically sound place
  • Better universities which are renowned all over the globe
  • Placement sessions are better conducted
  • Proprietorship can be aspired for by many
  • Cultural harmony is always maintained
  • Life expectancy is more and better than many other nations
  • Medical facilities are better
  • Over all pomp and glory prevails that makes life sophisticated and better than many other under developed or developing nations


Trying a hit and trial method might work as many a time people face rejection but if tried once again then the endeavour shows clearly . This might persuade the authority to select the person fir migration. Also, if one is appearing for the language tests once, he / she might not score well. Hence, trying to take the tests once more and getting good scores is always suggested. These tests are taken at the comfort of home and hence, taking these more than once is never a hassle.

The application is different from much other application submission for other nations and hence, the British Columbia province protocols must be followed well.

  • Also , keeping in mind migration for education is different from migration for vocation
  • Different aspects work such as , migration for sports is having different application process
  • Migration for travelling is easier to be approached in comparison with migration for profession
  • In fact compared to professional migration for service or business , educational migration is way easier
  • The British Columbian provinces attract students from abroad and hence, the university courses are quite vocation specific and has recognition throughout the entire globe.

This specific nominee programme looks into the financial status more than any other such selection programme for migration. This is because the status of living and the standards of life are high and different there. The cost of living is high as well and hence, the migration authority looks into the matter that if the person is able to bear the expense on his own or not. To cope with the expenses there is tough and of course different from many other nations.

To never lose hopes and keep on trying is the way to succeed and get selected from the pool. Also knowing about the place where we are planning to migrate is really necessary.

  • To know about the local culture is important
  • To know about the tax payment processes if applying for permanent residence is important
  • To know the local language and the dialects is important
  • To get acquainted with the lingua franca of the place is needed
  • To know the local political condition and economic situation helps a lot
  • To start a business one must look into the demand and supply chain of the nation and Britain Columbia has a specific pattern of business demand – supply graph that has to be learnt
  • The basic thing to know about the place is that it is really different to stay there and cope with the ambience; different in terms of any Asian nation or African nation.


Persuading the authority is the only way to get into the pool and hence, the application must be clear,lucid, informative enough and easy to go through. No need of being extra creative and no such ornamentation is needed. But the text of the petition is really important as that is the thing which can either work well or decimate the impression upon the application.

Health checkups are done for convenience and one must be waiting for the offer letter to arrive that is the application invitation after the primary petition is submitted. Once the primary application is submitted and selected the candidate receives the offer letter rather the application invitation so that the further documents can be submitted on time. Though the papers must be prepared beforehand so that after receiving the offer letter there is no dilly dallies.

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