Canada has become a hotspot for migration from several parts of the world but for flying off we must know the sequence, the steps, the detailed process and the eligibility parameters to migrate. When the question arises; how do I Immigrate to Canada, we are supposed to be aware of the basic steps to apply. 

The basic requirements for application for migrating to Canadian provinces: 

  • The application that states all the basic details about the person 
  • The petition that says why do we want to migrate 
  • The duration has to be mentioned 
  • Papers of age proof are to be submitted 
  • The documents containing income proof , income certificate are given to the migration authority 
  • Past records are to be shown that needs to be clean 
  • The person can showcase extra curriculum testimonial along with academic certificates
  • In fact work experience if any can be shown ( adds brownie points to the profile of the candidate ) 

Assessment of the papers submitted while asked how I do immigrate to Canada

  • After submission of the educational qualification papers, the educational credential assessment takes place that judges and evaluates all the papers regarding diploma, degrees and so on and so forth. 
  • In fact the income certificates that are submitted are judged too. This is because these papers are supposed to prove that the person can support himself / herself financially after migration and is financially affluent. 
  • If extra curriculum are submitted then it cats as the cherry on top. It acts as perks upon the profile. 
  • Scores of the language proficiency exams are submitted. The reading, writing, listening, speaking challenges are to be taken seriously and then when passed with flying colors, the language grade cards are evaluated with precision.  

Another major facet that is evaluated for looking into the matter of eligibility is that of health checkups. When someone is asking “how to migrate to Canada from India” it is to be checked if the person is healthy and fit. Health certificates are given greater importance and are evaluated with same precision. Along with this character certificates matter. The person is judged upon his decent personality that needs to please the migration authority. The past records are supposed to be clean and hence, the submitted papers are always scrutinized with perfection. 

Also eligibility parameters are to be answered when the question How to Apply Canada Immigration from USA to India is raised. 

The main eligibility checking parameter that is followed: 

The CRS scores matter the most. The comprehensive ranking system is set in the way in which all the criteria can be placed and plotted in accordance with Canadian requirements. The rules and regulations are different for 

  • Temporary migration visa to Canada 
  • Permanent resident’s visa for Canada 

The Canada immigration points counter works based upon the profile strength, language scores, papers submitted, profession chosen to fly off for, relatives, spouses staying there as citizens can add to this counting process. The basic factors considered for counting the points and evaluating the profile are: 

  • Age 
  • Experience in working arena
  • Language proficiency scores in TOEFL  and IELTS 
  • Education 
  • Income certificates 

The process includes, eligibility evaluation and then judging the profiles, then accepting and sending letter of invite and then receiving the legal papers and other such documents from the candidates. Finally moving to Canada with the visas. 

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